green roof

for URBN.

Urban Outfitters headquarters lies within the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.  Upon one of the many repurposed buildings that make up the URBN campus,  adjacent offices overlooked a flat industrial roof with weight limitations.  We sought to create a landscape with “islands” on their roof.  By leveraging our expertise in flat packed light weight products with landscape design, URBN asked us to produce a living roof for them to alter the view drastically. Weighing just 1lb each, the FAIRMOUNT living tile by SHIFT was the perfect candidate for this renovation, and we maximized our output through using a very lightweight potting soil.

Beautification is just one aspect of our living tile — the FAIRMOUNT aids in stormwater management, increases air quality and increases energy efficiency by deflecting heat that otherwise would permeate your roof. This entire project was designed and manufactured within 120 miles of the URBN headquarters, we’re proud to be American Made.