Blank Box

BLANK BOX is a mobile modular structure designed for metropolitan areas. It is designed to accommodate activities as diverse as pop-up shops, beer gardens, and library outposts. The system consists of pre-fabricated modules that attach together to produce a larger, customized structure. Expandable and interchangeable components allow it to grow and adapt to changing needs. Designed with quality and architectural interest in mind, each BLANK BOX is drop and go with preinstalled flooring, lighting, security features, as well as the ability to customize and match branding elements.

The initial concept of Blank Box came from observations and thoughts about vacant land and its relationship to blight and crime in Philadelphia. The hypothesis was that if a physical gathering space was introduced, programs would follow, and safety would increase.

Blank Box was chosen to participate in the Fast FWD Incubator with GoodCompany Ventures, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, and the City of Philadelphia. Following a successful incubation period, Blank Box has been used as an alternative to shipping container pop-ups, offering a more customized and flexible option.

BLANK BOX is built around modules. Standard modules are divided into two basic groups, end caps and body modules. Body modules include entryways, windows and other architectural features. At minimum, two end caps must be used while number of body components is variable from zero to a virtually unlimited amount.

Project Credits

Year: 2015
Client: Urban Place Systems
Design Lead: Tim Barnes
Project Team: Mario Gentile, Connor White, Zhefeng Liu, Mike Cucinotta
Photography: Tim Barnes