Metalwërks Sculpted Facade System

SHIFTSPACE was contracted by Metalwërks USA, a leading architectural facade system manufacturer, to design a new facade system with the goal introducing plant-life to building facades. The project evolved into three distinct designs that approached the brief in unique ways while adhering to the Metalwërks proprietary facade system.

More information is available through Metalwërks here.

Inspired by cliff-dwelling and hardy mountainous plants, the Ribbon scheme utilizes three panel types to create a kit of mix and match parts that allow for linear planted features to seemingly emerge from buildings. Additionally, the sculpted formations allow for shaded conditions in harsh environments.

The Parametric scheme features a system that allows for manipulation by the architect based on sheet metal constraints and the desired amount of plantings.

The Minimal scheme is guided by simplicity, providing a multiple depths of trough-like planters.

Project Credits

Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Metalwerks USA
Design Lead: Tim Barnes
Design Team: Mario Gentile, Michael Cucinotta
Photography: Tim Barnes