In 2011 Shiftspace was invited to create a custom parklet in University City, Philadelphia. The parklet as an urban design tool was in its infancy, each parklet designed specifically for the parking space that it took over, often with low-quality materials and construction. The resulting parklet system is adaptable to nearly all street conditions and with flexibility to rearrange, add, and modify components. Designed as a kit of parts, the system allows for expansion, modification, and individuality.

The design solution features innovations like a plantable buffer between pedestrians and street traffic, re-arrangeable floor and furniture components, and a low-profile adjustable structure.

The parklets have hosted a variety of businesses and non-profits, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Honest Tom’s Tacos, Keswick Cycle, Esperanza, Ramen Bar, University City District, Jake’s Sandwich Board, Tampopo, Tierra Colombiana, ’Lil Pop Shop, Hai Street Kitchen, and First Round Capital.

Project Credits

Year: 2013-
Design Lead: Tim Barnes
Project Team: Mario Gentile, Mike Cucinotta
Photography: Tim Barnes